Say the word Choreography, and most people think of the arts, dancing, and the stage. It is also a critical aspect of outstanding leadership and is a significant distinction between being a Manager and a Leader.

I’ve been dwelling on the concept of ‘The Choreographic Leader,’ and over the past few weeks, I’ve uncovered various critical aspects of what I consider to be the current leadership landscape. The research identified nearly thirty components, which, when grouped, I reduced to twelve.

Let’s begin with some context. Two things stood out many years ago when I entered what we now call Human Resources (Personnel back then).  The aspects that struck me: Firstly, what drove promotion was your records coming to the top of the pile, and secondly, when appointed into management, often there was no change in behaviour. In reality, the existing skills were translated into the new role, working without providing direction and leadership to the team.

The twelve components I have identified:

  1. Being Self Aware in service of authenticity, ambiguity, and agility.
  2. Defining and aligning personal purpose with that of the organisation.
  3. Having deep business acumen.
  4. Engaging people to perform and deliver through tools such as coaching, feedback, and storytelling.
  5. Working within reality.
  6. Strategic thinking and execution.
  7. Putting customers first (especially with decisions and innovations).
  8. Leads quality decision-making.
  9. Market and Brand Ambassador.
  10. Leading Innovation, Digital, Reinvention, Change, and Transformation.
  11. See oneself as a leader of the whole organisation through intentional broad networks and collaborations.
  12. Personal learning and reinvention.

We need to work towards the full incorporation of these components and skills and I’d love to know your thoughts!


John Moran