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What makes us so special?

Some of our candidates and clients pin down what sets us apart.

Our Ethos

Our company ethos is defined by the tailored and personal experience that we provide to all of our candidates and clients. As we approach our 40th year it is rewarding to see how many of our early clients and candidates are still working with us.  

We believe that it is about consistency and resilience and of course being ahead of the game…

Listen to what some of our past clients and candidates have to say about us below.

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to work with Cullen Scholefield who have supported me in achieving professional qualifications. Their approach has always been something I have felt comfortable with and this is why I keep going back. Most recently completing a Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Everyone I’ve worked with has been caring, compassionate and supportive. They know what it takes to create a positive learning culture and their support to me has always been second to none. The learning too is delivered by people who are trusted experts in their field. I’ve always been happy to recommend Cullen Scholefield and I’ve loved learning with them over the years.

Stuart Holdsworth

Academy Commissioning and Quality Manager, Care Quality Commission

I’ve had some colleagues in my company who have already gone through their CIPD qualifications with Cullen Scholefield and they were highly recommended.

I’m at the beginning of my journey doing my Level 7 in HRM. They’ve been so so supportive, able to guide me and direct me wherever I need it, and impart lots of knowledge and lead me on my way.

Charlotte Brazier

HR Advisor, UK Power Networks

‘My line manager has done the Level 7 qualification with Carol and Cullen Scholefield have also recently helped with qualifications for some of our quality team, so we’ve already got a good relationship with Cullen Scholefield. 

Very supportive. A very supportive organisation. Very approachable. They move with the times very much. They’re very much looking forward as well towards what the needs are of an organisation or an individual with regard to their learning.

Teresa Walton

HR Business Partner, West Kent College

What attracted me was the casual conversation when I first joined up; it was very informative. They answered the questions that I had to ask, whereas most providers just read out from the website to me, which I could have done myself. Having been a course adviser through another college anyway, I knew the questions that I needed answering and the questions that I wanted them to ask me; so that’s what I got and that’s why I joined!

(Re. work life study balance) it’s useful in the fact that I can do that; if my work day is busy and I can’t get any work done I can just take it home or I can stay after work. I set my own deadlines so it works around me and how busy I am at work.

Shelley McKeon

HR Administrator, The Shipowners' Club

I think they’re experienced, they’ve been working for over 30 years within this industry and their holistic approach to learning and teaching and interacting and creating a good fundamental base where peers can give you advice. You can talk to them at any time and their technology is good and very easy to use.

Alessandro LaPeruta

Head of Learning and Development, Harlands Group

From my own experience they are people who are supporting me as an HR professional. They’re helping my development but I also know that I could turn to them if I wanted to resource for my company. So they’re a resource for me, my company and anyone who wants to move forward in HR or People.

Fi Weir

Training & HR Manager, Brandfuel Limited

I like the agreeable nature of their communications. They’re not heavy, they’re always open to different activities. There’s a non pressurised and non judgmental approach. It’s relaxed but it’s purposeful. And the fact that they keep thinking about different ways of bringing people together from the HR profession and wider sectors. And I like the varied approach to dealing with different people and bringing them together. It’s a good mix.

They’re a very professional organisation in the sense that they’ve got a clear idea of where they want to take their business, on how they pitch their services that they offer. I would say that they’re very good not only for personal development but for any kind of organisational development of colleagues as well or one’s workforce. I think their approach generally over the years has been to be thoughtful and reflective in terms of how they can develop and grow their business and that seems to be sustaining itself as they go forward. I think that’s good compared to many other organisations which frankly don’t seem to be as interested in you as an individual or as a client as Cullen Scholefield are. All credit to them for that.

Ian Willard

HR Director, Partridges

There’re regular calls with your – I’d say a mentor, basically… There are times where you do really find it difficult and there isn’t time and they are really flexible with that which definitely helps because I wasn’t sure at times that I would’ve been able to continue.

The work life balance, the support, the mentoring and just the events where you can get to meet like minded people – you meet a lot of contacts. Maureen’s always there to support, so I definitely would recommend Cullen Scholefield.

I switched jobs at the end of last year and because they have such a good circle of people they were able to provide someone who was doing a mentoring course – free of charge – who then helped me with telephone interviews and just generally slowing myself down. Trying to get everything out to someone on the end of the phone. So that really helped and I did actually get the job, which was brilliant.

Tracy Miller

HR Manager, Accurace

I’m currently studying a Level 7 in HR Management. The organisation has been fantastic in supporting me via remote learning. I’ve had access to a tutor and also access to a wide range of research that I wouldn’t normally have been able to tap into. And really really useful support in what’s quite a complicated and lengthy process when you’re trying to balance other competing priorities – so they’ve been amazing.

Debbie Dornan

HR Business Partner, Department for Work and Pensions

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For any HR professional considering an HR qualification, Cullen Scholefield really are the consultancy of choice. My relationship with their team, and specifically with Maureen, started during my PAC course back in 2010, but has endured and developed over the years thanks to Maureen’s unparalleled ability to build a network and community of interesting HR people around her.

So the qualification really was only the start of a long-term journey, which is what fundamentally sets Cullen Scholefield apart from other providers. Maureen’s huge experience and deep expertise mean that she is a truly inspirational HR speaker, and that her coaching is highly focused on aspects that will move you forward. I continue to emerge from every conversation with her enriched, and confident to take the next steps with my qualification and career. Having also experienced other providers on different occasions, I know that I have experienced the highest levels of support and development with Cullen Scholefield and recommend them highly.

Katerina Frolich

ILM Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring

I’m really enjoying working towards my Masters CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HRM with Cullen Scholefield, expanding my knowledge and working 121 with a supportive advisor to guide me. I was lucky to attend one of the Circle of Peers events which was a great opportunity to meet other HR professionals, gain valuable insights and hear about shared experiences across multiple sectors.

Maureen is truly supportive of individuals and committed to people professionals and their development through sharing her experience, knowledge and insights. Echoing this she offers Respect Reviews, which I found really beneficial, receiving valuable honest feedback and CV critique. Thank you!

Sascha Osborn

CIPD Level 7 Diploma

As someone experienced with doing and delivering qualifications I was looking to do this with an organisation that offered a flexible approach to learning and study. I knew Carol from a previous piece of work and was absolutely delighted to find out they did this qualification (ILM L7 Coaching Supervision).

I really enjoyed both the quality and level of contact with Carol in support of the work and found Carol to be very knowledgeable, engaging and supportive. I particularly enjoyed the peer meetings and getting together with others on the programme to discuss coaching/supervision matters and situations. If you want to complete a high level coaching qualification I would very happily recommend working with Carol and Cullen Scholefield. Thank you!

Chris Brown

ILM L7 Coaching Supervision

I recently received my 20 year certificate from CIPD (gulp) and immediately messaged Carol to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for me over those years. Carol is incredibly unique and special. Carol is always there, always supportive, always guiding, always non-judgemental and always smiling whilst pushing in the right direction! HR is not a transactional function it is a compassionate one that treats employees fairly and reasonably, ensuring they have a voice and are listened to. HR is the conscience of a company. Carol taught me that in 1999. I have never forgotten.

Carol supported me with my recent Coaching qualification and it was wonderful to be working with her again. She’s guided me toward my MBA which I’m currently working on – thanks Carol! :o) I sincerely look forward to the next 20 years …

Sam Cottenden

ILM L7 Coaching & Mentoring

I’ve increased my knowledge of HR management and processes immensely and I also think it’s given me professionally a lot more confidence. Carol Bates was amazing. She was really supportive. I felt that if I got stuck in some part of a module she could point me in the right direction or give me tips of where I should be looking. I did feel she’d always be there if I did need some support. I really enjoyed working with Carol.

Anna Merrall

Christian Copyright Licensing International, L5 Diploma in HRM

I could do it all through distance learning. This was the main thing for me. I didn’t have to go to London.

I absolutely loved Maureen. She was so helpful, just perfect. Thank you very very much, for all the hard work and patience you’ve had, and getting me through it as quick as you did.

Hanna McGuffie

Central Laundry Limited, L3 Foundation Diploma in HR

The course gave me some new ways of working, looking at time management, looking more strategically & looking at evaluating training more effectively. Thank you to the whole Cullen Scholefield organization for the support. The Circle of Peers has been very useful. Kerry was very flexible in the way she tutored me, and that last assessment was very useful.

Jilly Bayford

AJW Aviation, Level 5 Certificate in HRD

I was looking for something flexible because my job at the time, meant I couldn’t commit to being out at college at regular intervals. The flexible approach suited what I was looking for. For me, personally, it’s made me look at things a lot differently at work. When a new challenge comes up I feel I can go off and look into these things in a lot more detail. Looking outwardly. Looking at what other people are doing. I’ve got a lot of places that I can go to to research and for information. Professionally it’s helped me understand how my role should fit in the business.

Sally Prentice

SSP Food Travel Experts, L7 Diploma in HRD

It was a nice experience and the tutors were so helpful, and it worked for me, so I didn’t shop around. They were my first choice. The qualification was really important to me. To me, it wasn’t so much about progressing and becoming an HR Director. It was because I never went to University and never had a degree, so it was more about my self belief, and I have gained that. I know I can do it, I’ve done it well.

Karen Coulson

Willis Group, Level 7 Advanced

I like Cullen Scholefield’s study methods. I know myself as a learner and it’s much better for me to be set tasks, but then get on with it myself. That works very well. If I’d gone back to Brighton University I’d have gone to lectures, but I wouldn’t get out of the lectures what you were supposed to. A 20 minute call with Maureen was better than a 2 hour lecture. The lectures at Brighton were 6 hours long. I have gained the ability to apply for any job in HR now. As I’ve moved into HR as a new career, it’s given me that confidence that I do know what I’m talking about and I do understand the subject matter.

Mary Fursman

Brighton and Hove City Council, L7 Diploma in HRM

I wouldn’t have achieved my qualification without the hands-on approach. I’d recommend Cullen Scholefield, especially Carol Bates. The patience of that woman!

Did I feel isolated in my learning journey? No, because Carol was there.

Tristan Thompson


Cullen Scholefield are really personable. They are really approachable people and they don’t make you feel silly.

I have recommended the course to quite a few people.

I’d just like to thank Maureen. I wouldn’t have done it without her!

Sam Mayes

Dorset Police

Carol was absolutely marvellous. I would recommend her to a tutor to anyone. She was a great support.The door is always open, so you can always get in touch and ask any questions you might have.

I finished the course a year or so ago, but Carol and I are still in touch because she was such a great tutor.

Lucy Berry

I don’t think I could have been as successful without someone like Maureen to support me. Maureen is very encouraging, but will push you if you need to.

It’s a nice honest open approach and very supportive. It makes you feel like you’ve got the ability to do more.

Gerry McDowell

Centrica plc

When I was thinking of which provider to go with, Cullen Scholefield, came top because of the flexibility that they provide.

They’re always going to be there for you.

You can pick up the phone, if you’re in Abu Dhabi, Singapore or London and talk things through.

Ann Makus

Future Cities Catapult, CIPD Level 7