ILM Level 7 Coaching Supervision

Who is the ILM Level 7 Coaching Supervision Programme for?

These qualifications aim to equip professional coaches with the supervision skills and knowledge needed to practice as confident and competent coaching supervisors. They are ideal for those seeking to develop their expertise in internal or external supervision of strategic, leadership, business or management coaching within an organisation. These qualifications are a gateway to accreditation but are not a licence to practice.

The Result for You

You will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and principles of coaching supervision
  • Critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coaching supervisor
  • Develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices and activity
  • Evaluate the contribution of coaching supervision to stakeholders
  • Contribute to your CPD and help maintain your own professional competence
The Benefits for Employers

You will be able to:

  • Develop coaches who are able to use the feedback from supervisory sessions to plan their own and others’ professional development
  • Benchmark your organisation’s practice against an accepted framework
  • Ensure your coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need
  • Meet clients’ supervision needs through effective assessment and relationship building
  • Complete a key process for organisations providing in-house coaching
What Will You Learn?

We offer two levels of qualification. At Level 7, the Certificate requires 210 hours of study time and the Diploma 440 hours.

ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Supervision

21 credits, 3 mandatory units, 20 hours of practice coaching

ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision

44 credits, 3 mandatory units, 60 hours of practice coaching

Units available

Understanding the Principles and Practice of Coaching Supervision in Organisations

(5 credits, 14 guided learning hours, Certificate & Diploma)

Undertaking Coaching Supervision

(7 credits, 12 guided learning hours, Certificate only)

Undertaking an Extended Period of Coaching Supervision

(30 credits, 20 guided learning hours, Diploma only)

Reflecting on Your Own Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coaching Supervisor

(9 credits, 21 guided learning hours, Certificate & Diploma)

Learners are required to demonstrate their ability to plan, deliver and review coaching supervision with individual coaches and groups. For the Certificate, this comprises at least 30 hours of coaching supervision. For the Diploma, this is extended to 100 hours of coaching supervision, and there is an added focus on comparing and contrasting individual supervision relationships across different levels of complexity within an organisation.

How Do We Deliver?

Our approach to qualification delivery is unique, flexible and focused on achieving the best possible experience for the learner.

Advisors with decades of experience coach the learner on a one to one or small group basis, allowing each to progress at their own pace while receiving individualised feedback and support via direct video, audio or face to face discussion. Our technology allows questions to be asked on a real time basis, while the support sessions themselves are scheduled whenever possible to suit the schedules of both learner and Advisor.

For further details of what sets us apart as a centre, see below for ‘What makes us special?’

What Makes Us Special?
  • Heritage: Established in 1986, we became a CIPD study centre in 1987 and have been delivering ILM qualifications since the '90s. Our two principals, Maureen Scholefield and Carol Bates, have provided consistent leadership ever since.
  • Care: Large enough to have substance, but small enough to care, we are known for our friendliness and expertise. You will be supported by our small, tight knit team, – we see learners as individuals and not just another person to be processed.
  • Quality: All of our Advisors are either Chartered Fellows of CIPD, ILM, or both, giving you the benefit of an experienced coach throughout your studies – and often beyond. Our candidates value the unique one to one coaching relationship with their Advisor, who is available to discuss more than just the programme they are taking.
  • Choice: We are one of few centres offering a broad choice of units in all of the ILM qualifications. We don’t have set start dates so you can start at a convenient time and when paying for yourself, have access to instalments with no interest charged.
  • Flexibility: we enable you to fit your studies within your work schedule and personal commitments. Between formal deadlines, a direct message to your Advisor means that as soon as they are free, they will give “just in time learning” to help. This flexible support is highly valued by our learners as it is personal to them.
  • Resources:  You have 24 hour access to our regularly updated curated resources area in the Cloud in addition to analysis and discussion of the latest reports at our Circle of Peers events.
  • An award winning approach: We practice what we preach; we are the only study centre accredited by Investors in People (IiP) with the highest standard of Platinum. In 2020 we were recognised as in the top ten organisations of our size.
  • Future proofing: We have been supporting our learners in a virtual manner since 2010. This has given us the ability to support you with no interruption during COVID. Innovation is in our DNA. The latest technology is in use – Advisors can be contacted by Zoom, Slack or phone.
  • Thorough induction: We carry out a technical induction to ensure you are comfortable with using the Slack collaborative tool and accessing your space in our Google cloud area. There is then a gentle induction into the programme and agreement of the first formal deadline.
  • Professional Development: Our complimentary Circle of Peers events are designed to enable attendees to hear the latest thinking, to discuss and debate, and to network with fellow learners and those in the wider People community.

Hear from some of our past candidates…

I have nothing but praise for Carol Bates and the Cullen Scholefield team, and the support and guidance provided as I progressed though my ILM Level 7 Coaching Supervision Diploma with them.

There is nothing more challenging than coaching a coach or working with someone who has been engaged in coaching supervision already in their career. That said, I found Carol’s style and approach fantastically engaging, energising, educational and motivating. Her acknowledgement of my previous experience obviously informed her way of working with me, and as a result I found the feedback she offered from observing me in group supervision scenarios was nuanced, powerful, developmental, insightful and constructive.

There are many providers offering ILM Level 7 qualifications in Coaching Supervision, but I truly believe the Cullen Scholefield team is offering something unique in their approach. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering pursuing this qualification to schedule an informal chat with them to discuss their approach and their philosophy to training coaching supervisors.

Vyla Rollins

Programme Director, Tutor & Executive Coach at London Business School

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to work with Cullen Scholefield who have supported me in achieving professional qualifications. Their approach has always been something I have felt comfortable with and this is why I keep going back. Most recently completing a Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Everyone I’ve worked with has been caring, compassionate and supportive. They know what it takes to create a positive learning culture and their support to me has always been second to none. The learning too is delivered by people who are trusted experts in their field. I’ve always been happy to recommend Cullen Scholefield and I’ve loved learning with them over the years.

Stuart Holdsworth

Academy Commissioning and Quality Manager at the Care Quality Commission

As someone experienced with doing and delivering qualifications I was looking to do this with an organisation that offered a flexible approach to learning and study. I knew Carol from a previous piece of work and was absolutely delighted to find out they did this qualification. I really enjoyed both the quality and level of contact with Carol in support of the work and found Carol to be very knowledgeable, engaging and supportive. I particularly enjoyed the peer meetings and getting together with others on the programme to discuss coaching/supervision matters and situations. If you want to complete a high level coaching qualification I would very happily recommend working with Carol and Cullen Scholefield. Thank you!

Chris Brown

Leadership and Business Coach at Liquid Coaching

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